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Find A New Sense of Hope with Infusion Therapy

About Infusion therapy

Infusion therapy is a treatment that uses a common anaesthetic to treat patients with conditions that have previously not responded to other forms of medication or treatment, as well as others who are starting out on treatment but need immediate assistance prior to the medication taking effect.

Conditions that can be Treated

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) PTSD is characterised by symptoms of anxiety and depression after experiencing a traumatic event. Our treatment aims to alleviate these severe symptoms to help individuals cope with everyday life again.

Chronic painChronic pain can be a debilitating condition that makes daily life difficult. Infusion therapy works to lessen the severity of the pain so that you can move and live without suffering.

Anxiety disorders Millions of people all over the world suffer from anxiety. Low-dose infusions can help to lessen the symptoms and ease those worries associated with this disorder.

Bipolar disorder Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder involving manic episodes and low moments of depression. Infusion therapy has been found to significantly improve mood disorders and balance hormones, allowing you to feel in control of your happiness.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder While many assume OCD is simply about being a perfectionist, it is actually a condition characterised by impulsive behaviours that can cause mental and bodily harm. Infusion therapy offers potential relief from this disorder.

Suicidal ideation Taking your life is never the answer, but can often feel like the only solution. Our infusion therapy is targeted toward mood disorders and mental health disorders and offers a solution to grave feelings you may be having.

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